Hydroponics Systems


There are a lot of great sources on the Internet for learning how to put together complete hydroponic systems. On this site we will give you some more information and eventually present all the components used in building a complete hydroponics system.

First step is making a plan. What are your goals? What type of crop are you planning to grow and how big of yield to you want? A lot may depend on how much you have to spend and where you plan to put your hydroponic system. If you are planning to build a homemade hydroponics system, there is some very good info on wikihow. For some general points on planting a hydroponics indoor garden read through the info on this site then follow the link for some growing tips.

After you set your goals you should start with your growing environment. How large is the area you have to grow in? That will determine how many plants you can grow. Before buying a system, you need to know exactly how much of a grow area you will be using. The number and type of plants will determine the size and number of sites Which in turn will determine the hydroponics system to buy. For example; the AeroFlo2 and EuroGrower grow systems use the 40 gallon Panda reservoir, but the AeroFlo2 has 60 sites where the EuroGrower has eight 2 gallon buckets. So knowing your hydroponics crop and the yield of the crop you want brings us back to the size of the area to grow your garden in.

Include in your plans room to move around and manage your crops. There are many tools that will help you do some 3D modeling of your area as well. Besides size of area, there are a few more environment related considerations; ventilation (airflow in terms of access to outside air or a source is one). Water supply and electrical power are two other elements. Make sure these are plentiful and there is easy access to them.

Hydroponics Systems

To put together a hydroponic system that will meet your goals, you should learn everything you can. If your environment is predetermine then concentrate only on those systems that will grow effectively in that area. We will add more information on hydroponic systems in the near future, but one of the best ways is to contact a hydroponics grow shop and through email or phone ask questions. Give them pertinent info on your plans and get advice. It may be most beneficial to buy a complete hydroponics system. Building your own to begin with will probably cost you more in the long run. Experience cost, so ask good questions and research the answers. Give deep consideration on expanding your hydroponics garden at the same time. A good hydroponics system should be scalable.

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